• We support local producers

    Our company's policy is to employ predominantly women, a social group that has been disproportionately unemployed in this area for many years.

  • High Efficiency

    We grow vanilla under greenhouses and adapt our processes to the needs of the vanilla plants to achieve one of the highest yields per square meter in the industry.

  • We offer outstanding quality

    We provide the market with a product that meets the highest quality standards supported by globally recognized Kosher.

The origin of our product

Our product range

Natural & untreated

Vanilla Beans

After 4 years of processes, an orchid ends up becoming a vanilla bean ready for consumption. Tahitensis Vanilla has much higher oil content than Bourbon beans. The aroma is flowery and fruit. They are frequently described as smelling like licorice, cherries or wine, Gourmet pastry chels adore the Tahitensis variety, which is ideal for a wide range of applications.


Pure taste

Vanilla Extract

It is a maceration of vanilla bean in 40% alcohol for at least 12 months in darkness. Aliquid that is easy to use and incorporate into recipes. Widely used in industry and retail consumption.

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Finely ground

Vanilla powder

It is obtained by dehydrating the vanilla bean allowing it to be ground and sifted. It is recognized for its dark brown color and rich, sweet and authentic aroma, making it widely used in the food industry.

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That special something

Vanilla caviar

It is obtained by extracting vanilla seeds from the bean, it is ready for use and incorporate in the preparations.

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frequently asked Questions

Where does vanilla come from?

Our vanilla is grown with great dedication in the Quininde region in the province of Esmeraldas - Ecuador. Kuntu-Vainilla ensures the traceability of each individual pod from the day of pollination to the day of sale.

Are the vanilla beans certified organic?

Kuntu Vanilla is in the certification process for all its products under the accompaniment of the company CERES. The documents that support the certification process to achieve organic status can be found in the Certification section.



Transition to organic certification with the support of CERES GmbH:


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